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15 Dec 2011
2 min 46 sec
David Germano
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The reference to what has been translated as Boudhanath Stupa (of Kathmandu) may not be accurate, but, given the song's references to Swayambhunath and Namobuddha (also of the Kathmandu Valley), seemed very possible. Finally, Tsering Gyalpo noted that the age of 25 is a skag according to Tibetan tradition, the most critical year in a young man or woman's life, when caution is to be exercised. He added that the skag age for children is 13, and for those of middle age, it is 37. This title has the ID A0062 in the old File Maker Pro database. 'Yambu' is an old name for Kathmandu (Nepal) that refers to its Newari natives.

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