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01 Dec 2016
2 min 14 sec
Video Overview

In the past 30 years, orthopedic surgery has advanced extremely rapidly, especially with the rise of more advanced and curative orthopedic implants. These implants can be used for a number of different procedures such as fixating fractures, fusing together joints, and completely replacing a joint.


Though these implants which are continually advancing have revolutionized medicine, they are often prone to failure once inserted into the body which can lead to healing complications that often need revision surgery.


For my capstone project, my group and I decided to focus on one orthopedic procedure and its associated implant and figure out a way to decrease the instances of failure. We are focusing on distal femoral fracture fixations (picture with arrow), as these are very prone to mechanical failure, as studies have found that up to 20% of these implants fail and need revision surgery.