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31 Jan 2012
2 min 29 sec
David Germano
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Dr. Leslie Blackhall, an American physician, talks with first-year medical students about the causes of disease in Tibetan medicine.

藏医学把疾病分为四大类 藏医学认为构成人体的物质基础三大因素之间的动态平衡遭到破坏便导致机体发病.

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  • Leslie Blackhall
    Ok, so, um, basically disease is caused by an imbalance of three doshas, and they all--the three humors--and they also break them down into immediate causes, causes of one lifetime, karmic causes, and disease caused by evil spirits.
  • Ok, so, I'll give you an example. Let's talk about somebody who vomiting, right? Like, severe stomach dsitress.
  • So, it could be caused by immediate problems, right? You ate that tuna fish that was sitting out too long in the sun and that's a dietary cause--an immediate cause.
  • You could have causes of one lifetime--your stomach could be could have a tendency towards stomach problems because you have been eating poorly.
  • Maybe the problem is with your bile, and you have been eating the wrong sort of foods. And you now have a bile disorder that is caused by, sort of, a life-long habit of not, you know, eating properly, and you have caused an imbalance.
  • Really a much more chronic imbalance of your bile that causes you to have, sort of, a chronic disease of your digestive track that is causing you the symptom of vomiting.
  • Karmic causes would be, for example, a baby who's born with pyloric stenosis, and now is vomiting.
  • So, almost, it's like an idea of genetics, but it is carried by...the idea that this is carried by something that happened in your last lifetime that is carried over.
  • And so kids...when I was in Dr. Dunden's clinic, often kids were brought to him who were born with severe problems, or missing an arm, or something like that. That was considered to be an illness that was karmically-caused, you know.
  • So something that you were--cerebral palsy or something, is something that was caused by issues in your prior lifetime. And often those can't be treated by doctors!
  • That's felt that you need to do some spiritual work to deal with whatever that cause was. That's not a casue treatable by a doctor.
  • Diseases caused by evil spirits are generally, um, you know, in my experience, you know, people with certain forms of insanity. Ok?
  • So, but actually, mental imbalance could be the same thing. An immediate cause could be that you took LSD, you know. Cause of one lifetime is you're eating too much, uh, you know, eating the wrong foods or, you know, things like that.
  • The same...karmic diseases could be you're born with a tendency towards that or with those actual problems because what you did your last life time. And then, there's spirit possession.